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Skipping exercise wastes time...

Written By ady setiawan on Jumat, 14 Mei 2010 | 10.47

As I sat in the dentist's chair for over an HOUR yesterday, having a crown fitted, I started to think about the time I was spending (wasting) sat there, because of things that I should or shouldn't have done.

In my case I think bad brushing technique and 10 years without a visit to the dentist could have been the root cause of my predicament! It definitely wasn't a diet high in sugar...

If I spent as much time looking after my teeth as I do my body, I would have a pearly white set of gnashers right now!

We all have things we should spend more time focusing on in life, but somehow we never quite get round to doing. One of the biggest ones is staying on top of our health and fitness.

More people than ever waste time sat in doctors surgeries, waiting to see the doctor who will give them the 'cure' for their ailments in the shape of pills and prescriptions, more often than not because they've let themselves get run down and ill.

We waste time sat in the car at supermarkets, crawling around the car park, looking for that space right by the door, when if we were actually prepared to park further away and walk, we'd be in the shop in a flash.

Many people trawl up and down the aisles too, hunting out the bargains, looking for all the
2-for-1 deals, randomly throwing unhealthy foods and drink into the trolley, when if they had a set plan of what to buy and what to avoid, they'd be out and home in half the time.

Then there's the time you spend propped up in bed, having to take time off work because you've been working long hours, not looking after yourself, and picked up the latest bug to do the rounds,

Or maybe the time you spend visiting the chiropractor, to get your back regularly cracked or your neck adjusted. All time you could be putting to better by eating well and exercising a bit more than you do right now, to then free up your time to relax.

Skipping exercise because you 'don't have the time or energy' is actually a false economy.

If you add up all the time you spend running around as a result of not staying healthy, you probably find you waste more time than if you just took care of yourself in the long run!

So, let me put it to you now: exercise actually saves you time!

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