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Are you one of the walking dead?

Written By Anonim on Jumat, 14 Mei 2010 | 12.54

Can you believe it? Last month 2 British women tried to bring their dead 91-year-old relative onto a flight to Germany!

That's right, they tried to make out their husband and father was simply asleep but on closer inspection it was shown that he'd been dead for 24 hours!

The things people will do to get their loved ones on flights....

Well, many of you may be like the publicised relative, literally 'walking dead' as you make your way through your business trips, dehydrated, tired, stressed and starved of oxygen and good food.

Reawaken yourself and put some life back into your travelling soul!

First off, drink, drink, drink - not G+T, wine or beer, but water.
The only way you'll stay alert and energised throughout your trip is to stay well hydrated. Sip little and often throughout the day and always ask for a jug of water at meals out, and carry a small bottle in your bag so you are never far from the flow.

Get sleep at any opportunity, and that doesn't just mean when it's dark outside. If you have down-time during the day, why not put your feet up in your room for a 5 minute snooze or take the chance of an early night if you don't have social engagements?

To stay energised you might want to fit a workout in too, which will revive your flagging spirits and test you enough to keep those excess pounds at bay and give you a better chance of nodding off at bedtime, especially if you've travelled through timezones.

Most business travellers are like zombies. Don't join the walking dead on business.

Drink water, rest and exercise - 3 vital ingredients to lift you above the business class...

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