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Are you held to ransom by flight delays??

Written By ady setiawan on Selasa, 20 Oktober 2009 | 15.13

There's nothing worse than breaking off a productive meeting and rushing to the airport, or getting up long before you feel ready in the morning, to catch your flight, only to find that it's been cancelled or delayed.

We've all been there!

Well, save yourself wasted time and lost sleep by logging onto flightcaster.com.

This new website is designed to give you odds on whether your flight will be on time or not, a good six hours before official airline notifications.

Considering that 75% of flight delays are posted within 30 minutes of take off, when it's too late to make alternative arrangements or sit it out at home or the office, this site could well save you a few wasted hours, sat at the airport, wishing time away.

Before you head for your next flight, try typing in your flight number and see what the verdict is...


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