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Sitting at your computer can make you Fat!

Written By ady setiawan on Kamis, 11 Desember 2008 | 04.16

Look familiar? Don't let the weight of work rule your weight!
That's right. The latest research suggests that spending hours sat at your computer can cause you to gain excess pounds!!

Your metabolism slows down, from lack of activity and your breathing becomes shallow and virtually non-existent. Now, before you go panicking and throwing your monitor and keyboard out of the window, just listen for a sec...

Any 'activity' that causes you to sit still for hours on end can cause you to gain weight, but it's not the act of sitting that is to blame, it's what you do before, during and after your prolonged sit down.

Take me for example.

Yes, I spend a lot of time on my feet, running around all over the place, but with one project or another, I can also find myself glued to the computer screen, sat for hours on end, working.

The reason I don't gain weight or fat?

1. I always have a bottle of water on my desk, within my line of sight. The first sign of thirst and I'm reaching for it.

2. I look for opportunities during my work to get up and move about; while a document's printing, while I'm waiting for a web page to load fully, while I'm rebooting (!!). If you work in an office, pop out to the shops with a colleague to get lunch.

3. Once I finish one task, I'll get up and tidy something away or do another task that isn't related to being confined to my desk - empty the bin, wash up, tidy papers, hang clothes up...

4. I may be engrossed in work but I never forget to listen to my stomach. The first signs of hunger and I'm downstairs in the kitchen preparing my next meal, which takes less than a minute or two. You might get up to make a cup of tea or take a snack out of your bag and step outside for a minute.

5. I get fresh air every hour or two - no excuses! Literally walking out of the door into the garden or the street and taking a few deep breathes of fresh air will be enough to refresh me and give me new energy. It also relieves any stress.

6. I don't rely on coffee or sweet snacks to get me through my day. These only give you a short spark of energy and then leave you feeling FLAT. Instead I make sure I have food to hand that will boost my energy for long periods and give me plenty of concentration.

7. Once I've finished at my desk I don't then transfer myself to another chaired activity. I'll go for a brief stroll first. Stretch those legs!

8. I may spend time at my desk but I always give myself some time for exercise. Yes, even I do my 4 minute circuits on days that I don't have time for much else. Believe me, 4 minutes of challenging exercise is enough to boost your metabolism, restore your energy and make you feel what it is to be ALIVE again!

Just because you have a desk-bound job doesn't mean you have an excuse for weight gain.

NO, it doesn't help, but provided you are clever with your time, you can combat any gain in body fat, over time.

Be clever and an office or seated job no longer has to rule your life AND your weight!

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