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How to Exercise on a Plane

Written By Anonim on Senin, 01 Februari 2010 | 08.49

It sounds like a strange idea, but when you think about it, it makes perfect sense.

There you are, stuck on a flight, nowhere to go, glued to your seat, looking to while away the hours ahead of you.

The perfect time to exercise!

Exercising on a plane is pretty difficult, especially if you don't want to attract strange looks from your fellow passengers!

I find it's best to be subtle on-board.

"Stretch your legs", as the saying goes.

Seated, straighten your legs, contract the fronts of the thighs and raise your shins up to touch the underside of the chair in front. Hold this contraction for a few seconds, then relax down, repeating for 5-10 reps.

You can also give your abs a workout in your seat. Tense your abs, drawing the belly button in and up, contracting for a count of 10 while breathing. Then relax, repeating 5-10 times. Not sure how to do this? Tense your stomach as though you are about to take an impact and then relax.

I also find neck stretches help, bringing your ear towards your shoulder on each side,and then drawing your chin down towards the chest, before tilting your head back.

You can also loosen up with ankle rolls while seated, keeping the feet off the floor and legs straight.

As I sit with my feet flat on the floor, I also contract the backs of my thighs, helping to keep my legs working and fresh blood flowing. Be sure to keep your knees bent to 90 degrees as you contract the underside of your thighs.

Take advantage of the airline bathroom too, despite the limited space.

Here you can stretch without anyone seeing.

Go with the flow - reach, bend, twist and turn to feel your body wake up.

If you're taller than most that may prove more difficult!

Lastly I always try to opt for an aisle seat, so that I can get up and down as I like. Taking stuff out of the overhead locker several times during a flight gives me an excuse to get up and move.

Give some of these ideas a go next time you fly.

I hope they prove useful!

If You Have Any Ideas For Exercise That You May Already Try, Let Us Know Below.

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