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Quality Control & Inspection

Written By Anonim on Selasa, 10 Oktober 2006 | 06.08

Your Eyes in the Factory!

This is designed for buyers who already connected with suppliers, and placed orders, but doesn’t need to hire permanent full time inspector/supervisor. I can also provide products inspection services and charged by daily/monthly according to your requirements. I usually follow three step quality processes:

· Initial Production Inspection: At the beginning of production, I will check on the quality of main components, material and accessories according to clients’ specifications and/or reference sample. This permits timely corrections and improvements before the mass production is initiated; any non-conformity is immediately reported so as to avoid delay in shipment.
a) Evaluate the production capability and equipments in the factory.
b) Check factory’s quality control ability and system.
c) Check the quantity and quality of raw material and main components that will be used in the products. Foreseeing any possible problems and avoid them, verifying that the product specifications are being met early.

·During Production Inspection: During production inspection can uncover problems during the actual production-run so that they will be more easily resolved. I will fully check the quality of semi-finished and finished products and also find out the manufacturing schedule, manufacturing technique and identify any deviation and offer improving measures for the production in the following phase, forecast production effectiveness and estimated production finishing date.
a) Evaluate the production status during the manufacturing process.
b) Randomly inspect the finished samples on-site.
c) Inspect the packing details and packing material
d) Check the accuracy of production equipments and check the disposal methods for defective goods.

·Final Shipment Inspection: Final Shipment Inspection happens when the production finishes completely or while the products are in the warehouse.
a) Quantity check
b) Style, color and material check
c) Function/Safety check
d) ize measurement if needed
e) Package details & Shipping mark.

·Container Loading Supervision: During container loading supervision, I will closely look at the loading process, verify product quantity and ensure proper handling of the cargo. This service significantly reduces the risk of being damaged during the transportation. I will reach appointed factories, warehouses or loading place to check products’ basic information, quantity and package when loading, and take on-site photos for the client’s reference.

Price and Condition:

You can also design your own inspection schedule and I will follow your requirements.

The inspection charge is quoted based on daily/monthly.

The number of days needed depends on the products complexity, shipment quantity, inspection location and specification requirements.

Other expenses such as traveling cost and hotel cost will be charged additionally.

Please contact me for the exact quotation.

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