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Do your exercise efforts leave you needing CPR??

Written By Anonim on Jumat, 30 April 2010 | 11.27

"I knew I shouldn't have overdone that last hotel room circuit!"

While I expect you to push yourself harder over time and continue striving to get fitter and do more, I’m not about to ask you to go so far as needing traditional medical CPR!

By ‘CPR’ I mean being Consistent, Persistent and Resistant.

For fitness and fat loss success you need a good mix of all 3.

Be 'Consistent'

To be consistent with your exercise and healthy lifestyle you need to workout regularly and effectively, ensuring that the exercise you are doing is both constructive and designed to get you to where you want to be as quickly and safely as possible.

If you repeat a routine enough times your body will get used to it and it will no longer work, but the more you can adjust any number of variables like weight, time, reps and rest period, the longer you can continue to get pleasing results.

Working out every once in a while will NOT help you reach your goals.

Be 'Persistent'

Keep striving for your goals – that dress fitting, those arms toning up, that beach holiday look, keeping with your neighbour, friend or relative... whatever it is, get to it and don’t stop until you achieve it! Along the way look for every small bit of evidence that what you are doing is working and that that effort is more than worthwhile. Look for improved recovery, quicker times, being less out of breath, feeling better, clothes fitting looser, belts tightening further, positive comments, less reliance on medications, less illness, more energy, finishing your workout without needing hours to recover.... Whatever it is you notice, write it DOWN, so that next week when you feel defeated you remember the PLUS points.

Be 'Resistant'

While you want to work hard to reach your goals and put in enough effort with your exercise programme, you also need to know when to back off, when to rest, how much rest to get, and when to recognise the signs of stress.

The time you give yourself to relax, switch off and sleep is just as important, if not more important sometimes as the physical exercise side of things. Recovery time doesn’t just mean sitting down with your feet up. It also includes the food you eat and the drink you consume – both alcoholic and sugar sweetened.

Doing too much, by which I mean excess exercise, going out, having late nights, not getting enough sleep, working long hours and running around as a ‘stress-head’ will only cause you to burn out, feel more tired and in turn more stressed. It’s a vicious cycle that a lot of people find hard to break.

So, avoid the real-term CPR by adhering to these guidelines, and instead give yourself CPR of the positive kind.

Your body, your mind and your wobbly bits will be very grateful!

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