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'Everyone Needs a Co-Pilot'

Written By Anonim on Sabtu, 16 Januari 2010 | 07.53

It's a quote from the currently released George Clooney film, 'Up In The Air', the story of a corporate downsizer and his lonely, scheduled life as he travels up and down the country, effectively married to his job.

I hope that rings NO bells with you???!

While his character's personal goal is to achieve 10 million frequent flyer airmiles, he soon comes to realise that amid the perks and the comfort of travelling business class, his life outside of work is EMPTY.

He has no real friends except his fellow travellers, he has no wife, no children, and the relationship with his family is strained and distant.

To be happy in life, 'everyone needs a co-pilot' - someone you can talk to and stay in touch with.

Life is better with company.

After a long day working far from home, the one thing that will make your travels more bearable and worthwhile is to be able to sit down and talk to the ones you love.

Find 5 minutes to call them.

Set aside time when you won't be distracted with business calls, emails and colleague meetings.

Give them your undivided attention and instead of sharing your travel woes, find out what's going on back home - where you belong at the end of the day.

Reminding yourself of what you have that's special will go a long way to getting you through a hard week, challenging negotiations and boring evenings when you may be left to your own devices in hotel rooms.

Relationships are not just worked on when you're together. They need tending to when you are apart.

Make the time.

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