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4 Ways to burn fat at the Airport

Written By Anonim on Sabtu, 16 Januari 2010 | 07.19

The Travelator - An unnecessary Evil

OK, so airports are clinical, overcrowded meeting points that only serve to bundle travellers into one place so that they can be herded onto jets and flown to distant destinations...

While you're there, you may as well put the time to good use, and BURN unwanted calories!

Method 1: Window shop
Once through security, use your waiting time to walk up and down the variety of clothes, souvenir and duty-free shops that litter every airport across the globe. Window shopping costs you nothing, keeps you moving and, if by chance you see something you like, your walk won't have been in vain.

Method 2: Pace up and down making calls
Who wants to stand or sit still, making a call that can be overheard by 10-15 others close by? Give yourself some privacy and make calls on the move, as you pace around the departure gate, wearing the carpets out. To be super efficient, why not combine method 1 and 2?

Method 3: Take the stairs between levels
Forget the escalators and elevators. Use your feet as God intended - up and down stairs. Any opportunity you get, climb the steps to go to the bathroom, to check flight times, to see different shops or just get a higher perspective on life below.

Method 4: Don't use the 'Travelators'
You heard me! I know they seem a tempting option, as you trundle your hand luggage on wheels behind you, but travellators are a waste of space and energy. Most people actually slow down their waking pace on these things, making the Travelator SLOWER than walking!

If you step up your pace walking unaided, you can outwalk one of these flat escalators and feel smug for beating the slowcoach in front. What's more, once you relax, the thought of stepping off and walking again seems less than tempting.

Do yourself a favour and carry on walking until you sit down on your flight.

You'll burn more calories, you'll sleep better during your flight and you'll stand apart from your fellow man or woman, who chooses to follow the crowd and be lazy. :-)

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