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Written By Anonim on Senin, 18 Januari 2010 | 04.55

As a professional 'business tripper' you no doubt have your trip prep down to a fine art.

I'm talking packing on auto-pilot.

You know how many shirts to iron, the ties that go with them, the correct number of socks, tights and underwear, what to pack first and what goes to the sides and on top.

I'm pretty sure that if you travel frequently, you could pack your case or bag with very little problem, unless you've forgotten to wash or iron those last minute things!

Once you have a routine, it gets more and more simple each time you run through the process.

Who would of thought you could say the same thing about exercise?

After all, isn't exercise supposed to be about making it more hard work each time you do it?

Well, yes, but only in intensity.

You see, the more regularly you exercise, the quicker you will get it down to a fine art, know what works for you, and how long it will take you, down to the last 30 seconds on your stopwatch or phone alarm.

Like your packing, have a system.

Learn the basics, practice, get better each time, and very quickly you will make exercise just as much a part of your travel routine as checking in, collecting your airmiles and ordering room service.

Bypass the guesswork and practice what works.

Just 10 minutes a day, in the privacy of your hotel room is all you need.

And there you were thinking you had to face the indignity of the hotel gym...

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