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Written By Anonim on Senin, 11 Januari 2010 | 02.37

At least the trip to my hospital offers great views!
This coming Wednesday I have an appointment booked with my Neurologist, my first meeting with him since I was first diagnosed with Epilepsy back in August last year.

Since we last met I have been put on medication, and the treatment seems to be working well, since I only have a mild form of the condition.

Besides regularly nearly forgetting to take my pills (I usually leap out of bed just as I’m about to drop off, suddenly remembering I need to take them!) the only problem I have is that I can’t drive.

Law states that I cannot drive for up to a year, and as a result of my job needing transport, my income has been hit heavily. As you can imagine, I am eager to get back on the road and start rebuilding my business!

My specialist has prescribed a ban of 6 months.
The DVLA have said 12 months.

Who do I believe?

Obviously I want to believe my Specialist, so this will be the first question that I ask him.

Too many of us listen to too many opinions. Just as we think we’ve formed our opinion, someone else comes along, and with their own unique message we are thrown back into confusion.

With mass media so readily available, it can be hard to know who to trust, who to believe and where to source the right information from.

Do you take your knowledge from gossip celebrity magazines?
Do you read medical journals and study cases?
Do you listen to what your friends and family recommend?
Do you seek the advice of someone knowledgeable in the fitness field?
Do you listen to your doctor?

No wonder the general population is so confused about the RIGHT way to shed fat, feel and look better and get fast results that last.

My advice is this. Seek out an exercise professional – someone with a proven track record, who can take you from A to B in the quickest and safest manner. Feed from them, absorb information, and understand WHY you are doing what you are being prescribed.

‘Knowledge is Power’ as they say.

Without it, you will simply flit from one method to the next, never truly understanding what you are doing or why.

To find the answer to my questions, I am going to the source – The person who knows my medical history and what is best for me, NOT the Driving Agency.

Do the same for your health and fitness and you will see far more positive change.

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