"My Today, Your Tomorrow"

Written By Anonim on Kamis, 05 November 2009 | 00.58

Recently, in an effort to drag myself away from work at the weekends and have a hobby, I've been rummaging through the record racks in second hand shops, looking for old vinyl treasures, and I've unearthed a whole pile of nostalgic hits!

Last night I was listening to 'Come Live With Me' by Heaven 17. British band from Sheffield? 1983? The song is about an older guy who falls in love with a much younger girl. Back then I was in junior school, still in shorts, carrying a satchel and wearing a cap. Seems so long ago.

Anyway, I digress...

There was a lyric in the song that got me thinking:

"My today, your tomorrow"

In the context of the song the older guy was saying that, being older, he was experiencing things at a different age to the younger girl.

But, with my 'health head' permanently switched on, I was thinking about parents and their children.

YOUR today is THEIR tomorrow.

What you do today will affect what they do tomorrow.

If you're currently travelling a lot, away from home, eating too much, not getting enough sleep, smoking, drinking more than you should, and not exercising, your children will accept these habits as 'normal' and emulate you in future years.

They too are likely to suffer from stress, weight gain or poor health. Unless you set your children a healthy example TODAY, they'll find it far harder to adopt healthy habits as they grow up.

With Childhood obesity at alarming levels, we need to do everything we can to set a good example to our children, so that their 'tomorrow' is as bright and promising as our 'today' could and should be.

So, when you're away on business, think about how your actions and your habits directly affect your children.

Set them a GREAT example, and be someone they look up to.

So, next time you're home from your travels, spending time with your family, think about the Heaven 17 lyric:

"My today, Your Tomorrow"

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