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What will Christmas bring YOU?

Written By Anonim on Jumat, 06 November 2009 | 08.58

It's always the same at this time of year when it comes to keeping fit and healthy.

Business men and womens thoughts are elsewhere, engrossed in wrapping up the year's work schedule, fitting in last minute meetings and chasing those deals that need to be closed before the Christmas holidays.

That's totally understandable, but I do still hear far too many professionals giving excuses for why they've let their exercise and healthy eating plans slide in recent weeks:

"Christmas is nearly here, there's too much to do!"
"I've got too many important deals to close"
"Do you have any idea how many trips I've got scheduled this year?!"

Let's face it, there's never a good time to start. There will ALWAYS be something you can turn to as an excuse for not attempting to kead a healthier, fitter lifestyle. The easiest and most popular response seems to be this:

"I'll get started in January"

FINE - have it your way. Do what you like people.

But FIRST think about your current choices:

1. Remain frumpy this Christmas, tired, overweight, bloated, miserable, depressed at how you look, embarassed, frustrated, unable to fit into your favourite clothes, angry at not having taken action sooner, worried about family and friends commenting on how 'you've been living well' - i.e. - gained weight!


2. Start some exercise - even 5 minutes a day to clear the cobwebs, clear up some of your bad eating habits, ditch the things you don't really need in your diet, cut down a bit on your drinking, start to feel more energetic, less tired, more confident, stronger, with less aches and pain, sleep better and feel ready to take Christmas head-on, without worrying about gaining even more weight!

If you decide to carry on regardless, and choose option 1 - fair enough.

But think on...

Don't go boring your partner, friends and colleagues with the same old lines:

"I wish I could lose weight"
"I hate my belly"
"I feel uncomfortable/flabby/bloated"
"I can't find anything that fits"
"I feel fat"
"I'm so tired"

Face it - it's your own fault - ALL of it!

Remember: you have a choice - the easy, tired, bloated, fat route or the healthier, harder but far more rewarding route.

Choosing option 1 will cause you to pick up colds, flu and any other bug or virus that happens to be doing the rounds this festive season. The stuff you put in your mouth will determine your fate and the strength of your immune system.

Choose Option 2, and come January, instead of feeling lousy and bloated, you may well be hearing people around you telling you that you look GREAT, MORE ENERGETIC, FITTER, HEALTHIER... YOUNGER!

The average person will gain 11 POUNDS of useless space-consuming fat between the end of November and Christmas day.

And as you well know, it takes far longer than that to lose!

So do yourself a HUGE favour RIGHT NOW and start taking action.


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