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Take a fresh perspective...

Written By Anonim on Rabu, 18 November 2009 | 09.01

As I took my dog Biscuit for a walk this morning, I began to realise just how much the landscape can change within the space of a short walk.

In the time we were out enjoying the fresh air, we crossed motorways and canals, we walked across meadows and streams, and even walked past an electricity power station!

While Biscuit amused herself, diving through the undergrowth, it got me thinking about how different perspectives can either cloud your judgement or make you feel positive enough to see your way to achieving anything you set your mind to.

If I had tried to persuade you to come for a walk by showing you pictures of electricity pylons and motorways, like the scenes below, you would probably have politely passed up the opportunity.

If, on the other hand, I had shown you the exact same walk from another angle, as in the picture below, you may very well have been more open to the possibility.

YES, literally a stone's throw from the motorway and the pylons, this is what we had the good fortune to experience!

You see, to get into shape and feel alive when you get out of bed every morning, positive and energised by the thought of the day ahead and what it brings, you have to look at the positives, NOT the negatives.

Yes, there are negatives to everything in life, but if you focus on these, you will always find an excuse to ditch your efforts, give up, not try, cheat or just accept your current predicament!

If I saw my dog walks as urban, concrete paved, industrial and noisy experiences, my dog would soon end up overweight, unhealthy and under-exercised, because I would shy away from the experience.

But instead I look for the positives.

Once I get past the motorway crossing and the electricity station, I can enjoy the fresh air, the sounds and sights of the countryside and the colour of the leaves.

At first, the thought of exercise can be quite daunting. You hear so many stories....

"Ooh, it hurts!"
"My friend did his back in trying to get fit!"
"It takes up so much of my time!"

Forget the folk-tales and instead focus solely on you and your actions.

Start lightly and then slowly build it up. Before long you will look past the potential negatives and only see the positive aspects.

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