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How to stick to healthy eating on the road

Written By Anonim on Selasa, 17 November 2009 | 01.34

Yes, it can be hard to do, but with a little thought you can steer clear of big mistakes.

Here are my 5 'on-the-road' rules for eating effectively and keeping excess pounds to a minimum:

1. Eat a salad every day - packed full of vegetables and meat or fish.

Buy a salad for lunch from a deli or a supermarket. Make sure it has meat or fish included, or beans and pulses. Avoid the gooey, sugar-filled sauces or dressings. Opt for balsamic or french dressing and keep it light.

2. Eat 2 pieces of fruit a day, 1 at breakfast, 1 mid afternoon.

Fruit salad and yoghurt makes a good breakfast option, and a piece of fruit mid afternoon, with a few nuts makes for a great snack. Don't rely on fruit all day though, due to the high level of natural sugar, which will still cause you to feel hungry more quickly after consumption.

3. Look for the healthy meal options on the menu - ones with vegetables instead of fries or pasta.

You know what makes sense. Lasagna or Spaghetti bolognaise are poor choices next to a fillet of fish with vegetables, a tuna nicoise salad, a steak or chicken. Fries with meat or fish are no good either. If in doubt, order extra vegetables and avoid sauces. Have them on the side.

4. Avoid bread and pastries at breakfast time.

You'll only end up feeling bloated and tired mid morning. Opt instead for a cooked breakfast - poached, scrambled or boiled eggs, tomato, sausage and bacon. It will fill you up and keep you feeling full, plus it will give you plenty of protein first thing, to help you stay lean and reduce your chances of sugar cravings mid-morning.

5. Mix alcohol with water - i.e. 1 alcoholic drink to 2 glasses of water - and go easy!

Use your common sense. Too much alcohol will not only leave you feeling like death the next morning, but it will dehydrate you, reduce your chances of being professional (especially if you get drunk!) and make you crave junk food, that will help pack on the pounds very easily.

Stick to these 5 rules, and life on the road will require less food 'pit-stops' and your body will become more 'fuel-efficient'.

Try it and see how much better you look and feel.

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