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The 3 'I's of creating a better body

Written By Anonim on Jumat, 11 Desember 2009 | 04.18

Don't you just hate graffitti?

You know the kind daubed on white walls and railway cars, someone's 'tag', or signature for those not down with the artists.

Mindless vandalism...

Saying that, in the right place, graffitti can be classed as 'art'.

Take the mural above. Walking Biscuit in the park this morning, I stopped to admire the work and detail that had gone into creating such an urban portrait.

This was no quick daub with a spray can.

As far as I was concerned, the artist displayed 3 qualities:


To create this work of art, the artist needed INSPIRATION - an idea of what he wanted to achieve.

To put 'can to wall' and create his work, the artist needed IMAGINATION - a vision of how the work would turn out.

Finally, to create the best work he could at that time, he needed to see IMPROVEMENT - a progression from his last piece, so that this mural represented the BEST of what he had to offer.

The same can be said of YOUR workout program.

I like to call these qualities the 3 'I's of Fitness and creating a better body.

YOU need INSPIRATION - an idea of the kind of body you want to create; slim, muscular, toned, fast, graceful - any quality that suits your GOALS.

You also need IMAGINATION - a vision of how you will look and feel once you have achieved your goal:

Will you be admired?
Will you find sports more enjoyable?
Will you be able to keep up with the kids or the grand-kids?

Again your choice of ideals.

Finally, you want to see IMPROVEMENT. There's no better motivation to spur you on than seeing positive change in yourself. When you know that what you're doing is working, you will be driven to keep going, to attain your goals.

Combine these 3 qualities, and you have the recipe for fitness and body changing success that will take you to where you want to go, both physically and aesthetically.

So, set yourself a goal, see yourself achieving it now (even before you actually have), and then take daily action to improve on your performance, your effort and your accumulating results.

THEN you will see light at the end of the tunnel... :-)

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