49 days...

Written By Anonim on Kamis, 12 November 2009 | 12.04

That's all there is between you today and 2010... Incredible but true.

Another year gone by, and what changes have you made to your health, fitness or diet?

I know you've had a busy year, you've been on more business trips than you care to remember, and your passport is covered in stamps from far flung parts of the globe...

Either that, or you've been up and down every highway, motorway or train line in the country.

But, that still leaves the question:

What have you done to change your habits in 2009?

Did you tell yourself that you'd lose weight this year, that you'd get fitter, eat a bit better or start making healthy changes to your lifestyle?

I bet you did, and chances are you've done absolutely NOTHING to make it a reality.

There are still 7 weeks left of this year, time you can still use to your advantage.

The past 45 weeks have gone, never to return.
The next 7 are just waiting for you to use positively.


In 7 weeks you could easily lose between 7 and 14 pounds - up to a stone.

Just START. Get moving.

Forget the gym, and workout on the move.

Use an effective exercise programme like Fit Business Trip and you will be well on your way to improving your health and your fitness before the Christmas excess arrives, no matter where you are.

Don't let your work come between you and your health.

Vow to make a start today and begin 2010 as a new person.

Grab your copy of Fit Business Trip before the New Year for just $19.95 and see what YOU can achieve.

It's not too late...

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