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The solution for tired travelling feet?

Written By Anonim on Jumat, 13 November 2009 | 06.50

In 2 words... a 'golf ball'.

Next time you pop off on business, pack a golf ball in your luggage as a massage tool for your feet.

Hours of standing, running for planes. trains and automobiles can leave your feet sore and tender.

With tension comes muscle tightness, and believe me, tightness in the arch of your foot when you have a busy schedule is anything but fun. In fact it can be extremely painful!

Perform some much needed maintenance on your feet, the very means by which you get about, meet and greet, and complete successful business deals.

Sit on a chair and place the golf ball under your foot.

Keep the pressure on the ball light, and roll it around, looking for areas of tightness or soreness.

It may feel extremely uncomfortable when you first try it, but that's a good thing.

It means that your feet truly appreciate the TLC you are now giving them!

This form of self-massage will help keep your feet supple, get rid of building aches and pains, and let your feet move more freely on a daily basis.

So explore the soles of your feet by stowing a golf ball in your business luggage.

It can be strangely comforting...

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