Dear Prime Minister...

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Dear Mr Brown,

Firstly, let me congratulate you on setting the nation a fine example, snapped by the paparazzi, out jogging on the streets of London, looking suitably 'pushed'.

As you well know, the UK is fast becoming a world leader (In obesity anyway).

While your efforts are valiant and brave, please let me offer you one or two words of advice, if I may, to help improve your PR campaign to be seen as a world leader of both politics and fitness.

If your PR advisory team were on the ball, they would have told you of course that running really isn't that great for fat loss and fitness, when you have more important business commitments to attend to.

As a World leader I know you want to be respected and followed, which is why I would like to suggest, if I may, that a bodyweight circuit back at Number 10 or out in the park would be a far wiser use of your resources to be snapped doing, instead of plodding along the streets jogging.

It's unfortunate too that the "papparazzi photographers took your shot so far into your run, when you were workobviously exhausted and unimpressed with your workout!

If I could be so bold, I would advise the following strategy next time you go for a 'photo opportunity' workout with your burly Police escort:

1. Relax those shoulders - keep your shoulder blades down and back, to maintain good posture.

2. Instead of jogging, stay indoors or head to the park for a bodyweight workout. The press will have a field day and they'll be spoilt for choice with all the wonderful exercises you could be snapped doing.

Here are my simple 'first-time' suggestions for you Prime Minister:

A. 15 Squats
B. 12 Raised Push Ups
C. 20 Jumping Jacks
D. 10 Lunges each leg
E. Front Plank - 30 second hold

Repeat this 2 - 3 times Sir for optimal results.

You'll not only burn lots of calories but you'll also keep that waistline in check, which your Saville Row tailor will be most pleased with! If you would like more workout ideas, might I suggest that Fit Business Trip could help inspire you?

3. Please try and smile Sir. It's most offputting to the nation if you're seen exercising with a grimace. Remember we are trying to promote exercise as a good thing, not something that one is forced to do.

Might I suggest you keep an eye out for the papparazzi next time, and have your practiced smile at the ready?

I do hope you don't mind my setting you straight on these points Prime Minister?

It's in the interest of the nation that we portray exercise as a fun and invigorating activity.

If you would like me to demonstrate any of the above exercises, please feel free to ask.

I hope to see you exercising more effectively very shortly.

Yours Faithfully

Simon Dainton

Loyal Subject to the Realm and keen Exerciser!

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