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Do you have any travel 'bugs'?

Written By ady setiawan on Jumat, 30 Oktober 2009 | 08.18

Calm down! It's only a business trip!

Business trips can be a mix of highs and lows, depending on who you come into contact with, their manners, and where you stay and who you fly with.

No 2 trips are ever the same, and each time you head off on your journey you're never quite sure what to expect. Well, over the years I've really enjoyed my travels, but there is always one little incident each time that you remember, either because it was funny, or just downright annoying.

For your amusement, here are 5 of my most recent 'bugs' that have got me a little hot under the collar during my business travels...

I hope none of them have you seeing red from personal experience!

1. In flight - People who get possessive about overhead luggage bins on flights

Let's face it, when we travel, either business or economy, we have to share space. So why do some people get so possessive about the luggage bin above their seat? The bin above my seat was full recently, so I moved along to the next one to store my bag. The gentleman in question told me that I couldn't put my case in his hold because it was his. Yet there was plenty of space! I smiled politely and gave hima look as if to say 'thank you for pointing that out' and stored the bag anyway...

2. In flight - People who steal your reading material

There I was, sat in my seat, reading the paper, when nature called. I left the paper right there on my seat, and when I got back it had GONE! Someone had spotted an opportunity, seen the paper and grabbed it! Now I hide it under my blanket or fold it up and place it in my seat pocket for safe keeping...

3. In flight - People who act like they’re in a private jet

It seems that the closer you are to the front of the plane, the more demanding people can be. I once had a guy sat next to me who was convinced that this was his own personal flight. He clicked his fingers at the stewardesses, complained about his seat, and demanded that everyone ran around after him, even asking for the air con to be turned down! Listen buddy, if you want personal attention, pay the extra and fly solo!

4. At the hotel - Light switches too far from the bed

You know those times when you're in bed, you've just got comfortable, you've finished reading your book or watching the TV and you go to turn the light out... and it's over on the other side of the bed or too far from the bed to reach. You're forced to get out of bed, switch the light off, and then stumble over your luggage and unfamiliar furniture to get back into bed once again.... Grrr!

5. At the hotel - People who steal your Do Not Disturb sign

Yes, this really has happened to me! I put the sign on the outside of my door, went to bed for a bit of a lie in, and then got rudely awoken by housekeeping the next morning, only to find that there was no sign on my door. Someone had obviously passed my door late at night, realised that they didn't have their own sign, and swiped mine! Outrageous!

Anyway, those are my top 5 gripes right now.

Do they ring any bells with you?
Do you have your own gripes to share?

Don't get me wrong, normally I'm a very level-headed kind of guy, but sometimes business travel can reveal its annoyances...

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