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Track down the Salad

Written By Anonim on Jumat, 30 Oktober 2009 | 00.26

Another tale from Florida, this time my lunchtime escapades.

In the UK, popping out to buy your lunch is an unexciting and unhealthy affair. You have a choice of buying a sandwich, soda drink and chocolate bar from a supermarket, or eating out at countless restaurants or snack bars, consuming foods high in calories, poor quality fats and sugar.

In a word; if in England, don't bother.

OK, I may be exaggerating a little, but here in Florida I was pleasantly surprised to find far more healthy choices on the menu, in juice bars, delis and snack shops.

Here is a picture of a salad I ordered from a sandwich shop in South Beach. Impressive, don't you think?

In the UK, we don't do salads very well. A tuna salad would consist of a pile of lettuce, a dollop of dry tinned tuna and some sweetcorn. If you were lucky, there'd be a blob of mayo.

Well my Miami Beach salad was anything but dull - mixed salad leaves, a LOT of fresh tuna mixed with a tasty vinaigrette, peppers, olives, carrot, tomatoes, cucumber, onion, spinach... A meal in itself, and not a sign of a crouton or bread.

In fact, it was so big, I saved half of it and put in my hotel room fridge, to eat later. 2 meals for the price of 1, tasty and healthy.

These healthy lunchtime options are out there. You just need to open your eyes and look for the healthier choices, instead of relying on the usual pre-packaged junk that most people lean towards.

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