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Where would you like to sit?

Written By Anonim on Senin, 24 Agustus 2009 | 12.51

If you're anything like many of business travellers out there, you like your routine.

When it comes to flying, you tend to pick the same airline, same flight and even the same seat...

Well, why don't you make life easier for yourself, and ensure that you get the pick of the best seats, even before online booking goes live for your flight?

Next time you fly, make a note of the seat and row you were in, if you liked your position.

Then, check out www.seatguru.com, run by Trip Advisor.

Believe me, this is a great site, if a comfy seat with all your creature comforts is vitally important.

Not only will you be able to tell at a glance if you have the best seat on the aircraft, but you can see if your seat is too near to the restroooms, too far away, or if it's near the galley.

Of course, if you fly Business Class at all times, your seat's location may not be quite such a concern, but it's always good to know...

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