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Is your Blackberry a TASKMASTER??

Written By Anonim on Senin, 24 Agustus 2009 | 06.16

A recent survey found that Blackberry users ended up working an average of 15 HOURS EXTRA each week, caused by continually checking emails and responding to workplace requests, demands and questions!

Now if I told you to put in an extra 15 hours of work for no extra pay, I'm sure you'd tell me where to go, in no uncertain terms!

Don't let yourself be dragged into working more, when you NEED to be finding time to switch off, relax and recharge your batteries.

Here are some quick-fix tips to reducing your Blackberry dependancy...

(And recharging your Blackberry batteries in the process!)

1. Set up an autoresponder on your email account.

Tell clients and co-workers that you will only be checking your email TWICE a day, between the hours of X and Y. Let people know you are busy and give them a rough idea of when you will be able to respond. That way you clear out some of the small, unnecessary emails, and let people know that they will not get an instant response.

2. Switch it off at certain hours.

Avoid taking your Blackberry into meetings and to business dinners. If you need it for making calls, leave it switched off during these events. In many cultures it is rude to use your phone while meeting with others, so be aware of the local business customs. Break the habit, otherwise you will be unnecessarily distracted.

3. Switch off as many updates and feeds to your Blackberry as possible.

For me, there's nothing more annoying than being with someone who is constantly glued to their phone or blackberry, reading the latest news, sports or financial updates. Such content can be very anti-social in the company of others, especially colleagues you are supposed to be building relationships with. Edit your subscriptions and ask yourself if you really need all these time-intrusions?

4. Do something more constructive, instead of constantly checking your inbox.

You need to recharge your batteries away on business and make sure you get enough sleep and recovery. Instead of checking your emails first thing in the morning, why not fit some exercise into your routine instead, just before you hop into the shower?

The Fit Business Trip Programme allows you to complete 10 minutes of highly effective exercise into your busy schedule, without needing to leave your hotel room and find the hotel gym.

5. DON'T use your Blackberry as a boredom breaker!

You know what I mean. Next time you have 5 minutes to yourself, don't bury yourself in the screen, Instead use the time more wisely. Walk round the block, have a quick nap, grab something to eat or drink, stretch your legs... All of these activities will be far more constructive and therapeutic than tapping away on a miniature keyboard, trying to look busy.

So, use your Blackberry wisely and you can manage your workload, see off unimportant requests and still fit in a daily dose of exercise, rest and recovery...

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