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Dealing with Meetings

Written By Anonim on Jumat, 21 Agustus 2009 | 03.55

Don't look as bored as the Chair of this meeting!

Let's be honest; a high number of business meetings are a complete WASTE of your time!

They repeat agendas, they drag on, they're full of people who like the sound of their own voice, and they're BORING!

Be honest... they are, aren't they?

Well, do yourself a favour, and ask these important question:

"Do I need to be here?"
"Can I get what I need from the post-meeting minutes?"
"Is there someone who would be better suited to attend in my place?"
"Do I have the time for this meeting or will it set me back from other pressing deadlines?"

Many hours lost in meetings could be far better spent getting on with tasks that actually produce a result, increase revenue and help you progress. Time passed is time gone forever...

Here are my top 5 tips for dealing with business meetings:

1 .Ensure that the meeting is structured.

Ask to see, or be emailed, the agenda for upcoming meetings. Make your decision on whether you attend or not on the basis of the meeting's relevancy to you. Many attendees are likely to use the time to air their own concerns or agendas, so try not to get caught up in matters that don't need to concern you.

2. Make your excuses...

Have a get-out clause, in case the meeting over-runs or veers off course. Let the organiser know that you have a conference call, important engagement or other such excuse that will be taking place at a certain time, allowing you to have a cut-off point, should the meeting seem to be going nowhere. Make your excuses and leave without being frowned at.

3. Take notes and listen carefully

With all the cross-talking, fighting to speak and conversations going off on tangents, it's easy to miss the key points that are relevant to you. If need be, record the meeting on a voice recorder, so that you can pick up on things afterwards.
Remember: switch off your blackberry, phone or PDA, and concentrate...

4. Have a fresh water supply

Drink water throughout the meeting and not only will you remain well-hydrated and focused, but you'll also have an excuse to leave the meeting to go to the rest-room, which may well be a godsend in a meeting that drags on for hours!

5. Be selective...

Don't become a perpetual meeting attendee. Attend what is relevant to you, avoid anything else. Being a constant presence in meetings may let you escape work demands for a while, but it will not further your career. Get on with something more constructive.

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