Most Embarrassing Business Trip Stories

Written By Anonim on Selasa, 06 Juli 2010 | 01.54

I was reading through the CNBC website recently when an article caught my eye about 'Most embarassing business trip stories'.

Well of course I just had to take a look didn't I?

It was a contest run by Embassy Suites to find the funniest business trip story that brought shame or embarassment to the poor traveller involved. The funny thing is, I thought that some of the runners-up had far better tales to tell than the winning entry. Here are some of my favourites for you to read.

I hope they bring a smile to your face, but DON'T remind you of something you've experienced yourself!:

"My husband had constantly complained about his boss from hell. He would talk about how Dick made him stay late and how Dick botched up a meeting they had with a client and how he didn't know why they put Dick in charge in the first place he obviously had no clue with what he was doing. Well, the company made Dick President and threw a party to celebrate. This would be the first time meeting him and I was nervous and curious. My husband introduced me "This is my wife, June. June this is..." At this point I interrupted him - held out my hand and said "Oh, no introduction needed. This must be the Dick you talk about at home!" The problem? His name was Tom! Not Dick! Dick happened to be my husband's pet name for his boss! Needless to say, my husband no longer works there."

"My necklace got caught on the company president's belt buckle when I bent over to pick up a dropped pen on stage at a national meeting."

"Sitting beside my boss on a flight to Atlanta, I get up, while he is sleeping, go to the restroom and stop and ask the flight attendant for a tomato juice. She hands me a can, I go back to my seat, pop the top, and it sprays all over my boss's khaki suit pants!! He remained asleep until we prepared to land and when he woke up, he freaked out! To this day, I still deny it!!!!!!!!!!!"
"I was at a meeting and speaking in a round table discussion. I was really trying to make my point, when my dentures came loose and fell out of my mouth. I covered this incident quickly by faking a bloody nose and excused myself from the discussion. The host of the table came to see if everything was alright and stated, 'It's happened to me too, but I was a keynote speaker.' She showed me her dentures and we laughed."

Business trips are always so much more interesting if you can find funnier or more interesting tales to tell when you get home than your room having no iron, the breakfast buffet running out of juice, or your flight being delayed.

Let's be honest; NO ONE wants to know those kinds of things.

Talk about hotel fire alarms, going to a rodeo or your trunks falling down in the hotel pool, and suddenly people are interested!

So instead of piling up the negative experiences of your trips, look for the funnier side of things and entertain friends and family when you get back.

In the meantime, have a laugh at other peoples' expense! :-)

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