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Written By Anonim on Kamis, 17 Juni 2010 | 01.54

Right now I'm sat in Starbucks at Heathrow airport, watching the world go by. I was a little eager getting here this morning, so I'm just killing some time, waiting for my gate to open. It's a funny thing watching the world go by.

When you stop to observe you realise so much is going on around you.

Often when we're in a rush we have our blinkers on, only focused on getting places fast, oblivious to the world around us. In fact, most people only notice others when they're in the way!

Taking time out of the rat race for 5 minutes I'm noticing things I'd never usually see:

2 kids on the moving walkway, standing on the yellow spots, pretending they're on an island... the amount of luggage people carry on as hand luggage, scared to leave anything at home in case they need it... people wandering around aimlessly, looking in shops they would never normally be seen dead in, just to make time pass more quickly... someone walking on to the moving walkway, only to find that the belt is going the wrong way! (Very funny!)

But what I particularly notice as I look around are the number of people eating junk and filling up on caffeine and sugar. For those going on holiday, the airport brings on excitement and enthusiasm, fuelled by the thought of their destination.

As they sip in their espressos and tuck in to their morning muffin, they are inadvertently fueling themselves for tiredness and a lack of energy. Caffeine and sugar are giving them an instant kick which will only come back to 'kick' them up the *** later in the day when the fix wears off. A few minutes of perceived enjoyment will bring hours of lethargy.

When you travel keep it simple - water, nuts and fruit. You'll stay hydrated, you'll remain alert, and you'll reduce the chance if jet lag, sugar cravings and irritability.

Business travel is stressful enough without feeling drained too.

Next time you fly, take time to relax and go easy on those quick fixes... :-)

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