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No, it's not a typo...
No, it's not an expletive...

It just so happens to be the longest place name in the world, a small town found in New Zealand, as recognised by the Guinness Book of Records.

So, what does 'Tauma...' (for short) have to do with your workouts?

Well, one thing in particular - they're TOO LONG!

Some of you seem to drag your workouts out forever!

Each session is more like an encyclopedia, covering every exercise from A-Z!

There's the cardio; 45 minutes on the bike, 20 minutes on the treadmill...

Then there's the weights: Maybe half an hour, resting too long between a handful of exercises...

Then you finally finish with all that ab work: crunches, side bends, sit ups, and lots of wheezing and gasping!

No wonder you can't maintain the effort, and no wonder you feel like exercise is taking over your life!

Let's be honest, the 'average Joe' or 'Jane' really doesn't need to spend THAT long in a gym, working out.

It's all about being time effective and smart.

In 15 minutes I bet you could fit in a better workout than most people and their 2 hour marathon sessions at the gym.

To save time, you have to increase the intensity. Without intensity, your workouts are going nowhere fast (quite literally).

Instead of trundling off to the gym, wasting your evenings working out, why not stay at home and relax? ... AFTER a bodyweight workout in the spare room, living room or bedroom?

In 15 minutes I could have you working harder than you have done in years.

All it takes is the right sequence of exercises and a stopwatch.

Do what you can in 15 minutes and then STOP.

Instead of following the 'Tauma...' way, follow the 'Ea' way instead - the shortest place name in the world, in Spain.

Try this workout for size: (Click the names to see the demo vids on YouTube)

05 Get Ups (don't mock this til you try it!)
10 Side Lunges (each side)
10 Push Ups
15 Prisoner Squats

See how many rounds you can get done in 15 minutes and then tell me that you still need to stick with your long-winded, all-encompassing gym workouts....

I think you'll see the benefits... :-)

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