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Written By Anonim on Senin, 11 Januari 2010 | 02.06

Over the weekend I caught a train out of London to go and see friends.

Boy was it a cold day!

The arctic winds we’re experiencing here in the UK right now are pretty chilly, and while sheltering on the platform, waiting for my delayed train, I decided to buy a bottle of water from the vending machine.

I popped my money into the coin slot, and the machine spat my coin back at me.

I tried again. Once more the coin trickled through the machine and dropped out of the change slot.

I tried a couple more times then gave up in frustration. I suppose at least the machine didn’t swallow my coin, which has happened before, but it was annoying that I could see what I wanted in front of me, yet I couldn’t reach out and grab it.

Like I said, vending machines are renowned for being unreliable. They either swallow your money, refuse to give you change, refuse to take your money, or they’re out of order. One way or another, you can’t rely on them.

They offer something you want but, more often than not, they don’t deliver on their promises.

I guess it’s a bit like all these workout programmes and fitness fads you see on infomercials, in magazines and on sale in sports stores.

They promote something you think you want – the holy grail of fitness that promises you rock hard abs, a bigger bust, bulging arms, a flat stomach, smaller, tighter butt... Whatever you desire, they tell you that you can have it – FAST.

Sorry to burst your bubble folks, but it takes more than just buying these gizmos to actually get what you want.

To see real results and stick with the effort needed, your workout programme needs to be short, simple to follow, effective and engaging.

You need to know that it won’t take forever to complete, that you can fit it into your busy schedule, and that it can be done wherever you are, regardless of whether you have equipment to hand or not.

Fit Business Trip
offers you a solution to time-strapped schedules that just don’t give you a chance to exercise and stay fit and healthy.

In the real world most people don’t have the luxury to afford time to go to the gym, and to be honest, most of you can probably think of 101 other things you would rather be doing.

Short, effective bodyweight circuits are a solution in this day and age, and the beauty is that they require no equipment.

As work schedules and everyday lives become busier and more demanding on our time, quick home workouts will supersede the current gym culture.

More and more people will want a programme that they can use at home, take on holiday with them, use on business trips and when they are away at weekends.

Exercise using your own bodyweight really will become the desired vehicle for 21st Century fitness.

Make sure you get onboard early, and actually find a simple method to stick with your programme of physical change.

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