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Comfort Zones = Fat Zones

Written By ady setiawan on Kamis, 29 Oktober 2009 | 00.34

Following on from my last post about comfort zones, it got me thinking a little more about why so many people refuse to take responsibility for their bodies and actually get to grips with fat loss.

It all comes back to people's fear of making change, and finding it uncomfortable to do so.

We all steer towards what we know and what makes us feel comfortable and safe, but more often than not, this supposedly safe place we find ourselves is a breeding ground for weight gain, poor health and stress.

For example, you might not enjoy your job and it may involve long hours, but it brings the money and the lifestyle you are used to. Changing jobs or careers may cross your mind, but in reality, you often convince yourself that taking that first step is daunting, insecure and downright madness!

While a change could be just what you need, you vow to stick to the same path, telling yourself that one day you will make a change, break free and be more successful. Most people stick with the same career their whole lives, and sadly very few people actually enjoy what they do.

The same can be said for our health. Going to the gym, working out, pushing ourselves physically and eating more healthily all demand change. Change is good, but in your head, something is telling you that change is BAD:

BAD because it will make you boring
BAD because it will mean that you ache and feel sore
BAD because you will have to change your daily routine
BAD because you won't be able to go drinking with your friends
BAD because it will mean hard work and determination.

In reality, you need to start looking beyond your short-term fears and focus on the longer-term, more positive things that will come from being brave enough to change:

A fitter, slimmer, more able body
Better fitting clothes that let you wear what you want
More energy, get-up-and-go, and a better frame of mind
Less stress and more positive thinking
More strength, better recovery and more confidence
A feeling of not being held to ransom by food and drink

You see, change is hard, don't get me wrong. We all need to make changes to our everyday lives that we put off time and time again. But by slowly addressing our underlying desire to change, even if we find it hard to admit that we want to, we will start to see the positive come out of the preconceived negatives.

Fat loss takes the courage to make that first step and stick with it.

It needs a plan.

It requires preparation, and in my next post on this subject I will lay out the process for making that change...

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