Are you making cutbacks?

Written By Anonim on Kamis, 29 Oktober 2009 | 00.38

Right now, the business travel industry is going through a temporary dip, as many of your employers are keeping a closer grip on budgets and business allowances, which in turn can mean that you're not getting quite the perks you once were, away on business.

Whether it be an email from the accounts department that you must now finance your own lunches, a memo from the Directors outlining the new cuts on airfare allowance, or a downsizing in your hotel room, you are bound to have noticed some changes to your business travel lifestyle in recent months...

Well, forget the doom and gloom! Let's focus on the positive for goodness sake!

Follow these helpful tips and you could save yourself, and your Company, a whole heap of money, which in turn will shine favorably on you:

1. Save on snack money. At your hotel breakfast buffet, be sure to sneak out a few items that you can eat for your snack mid-morning, instead of paying for a coffee and pastry. Grab a yoghurt and some fruit, and keep your food expenses down!

2. Use Skype to make calls. Instead of racking up a small fortune on the business mobile / cell phone, get online instead and use Skype to make international calls.

3. Ditch the in-room movies. Rather than load your expense account with pay-on-demand movies, put on your walking shoes and head outdoors instead. Grab a local map from the concierge, ask what there is to see in the local area, and start exploring. The fresh air will do you good, you'll improve your geography, and you'll have something to talk about in the office next day.

4. Exercise in your Room. Forget blocking large chunks out of your working diary to go find the hotel gym, only to learn that you need to pay for the priviledge. Instead, learn what you can do in the way of exercise in your hotel room, that will revive and challenge you in as little as 15 minutes. It will cost you nothing, take minimal time and allow you to focus on your work, bringing value for money to your client or the business that you represent.

A few subtle cutbacks here and there will help you reduce your expense account, become a favourite employee with the Accounts department, save your business money, and in turn get you promoted quicker!

OK, maybe not, but at least you'll feel good about contributing to stabilising the business economy right now. :-)

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