Why jogging for fat loss fitness SUCKS!

Written By Anonim on Selasa, 15 September 2009 | 03.02

Most people, when they think of doing some exercise away from home or the gym, settle for jogging the streets. They see it as a simple but suitably strenuous way to stay fit, without needing any equipment except a pair of running shoes and an ipod.

I'm sure it all stems from the power-dressing days of the 80's when we were told that aerobics was the best way to stay in shape and deal with business stress.

Not so...

The fact is, if you're looking to get into shape, lose some body fat or just maintain what you currently have, running really isn't your best option, even if you have no hotel gym as an alternative.

For the average tired, overweight, joint-tight business person, running the streets is a disaster waiting to happen, and an expensive visit to either the physio, osteo or chiropractor - take your pick!

You see, running is a repetitive movement, that requires around 1500 repetitions of leg movement for every mile ran. 1500 reps of an exercise that you shouldn't really be doing is too many steps in the wrong direction!

Running also causes you to plant between 2-4 times your bodyweight through your joints with every stride, and if you're used to doing little more than sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day, and you're tired, jet-lagged and stressed already, you can see why I might have a problem with you running, when you're away on business...

And if that doesn't put you off, consider too the fact that jogging a mile only burns 100 calories.

That's it, about the same number of calories you'd find in a 1/3 of a frappachino, in 1/2 a Mars bar or 1 caffe latte. Hardly worth the effort is it?!

Contrast jogging with short, effective hotel room circuits, like the ones found in Fit Business Trip, and you will send your metabolism into meltdown.

Bodyweight circuits will have you torching body fat, burning more calories (even long after you finish your exercise), with less reps, in less time, with less discomfort and less joint stress, while working your whole body.

What's more you don't even need to leave your hotel room, and you're not held to ransom by the weather either.

Don't believe me? Download your free Fit Business Trip workout HERE and let me know hwo you get on...

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