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The 'Power Nap' is still IN!

Written By Anonim on Kamis, 11 Desember 2008 | 03.43

I know, 'Power Nap' is such a Corporate phrase, left over from the days of red braces, Filofaxes and the money-driven 80's, but in actual fact, a power nap is exactly what YOU and I need on a daily basis, to restore energy, maintain long term health and keep our sanity!

A short nap daily can reduce our blood pressure, improve our memory and make up for all the sleep we've lost over the weeks, months and years.

While it's not always practical to get some 'shut eye' during the day, you'd be amazed how much better you will feel for doing so on occasion.

Which I guess is why Cities like New York are opening their own 'nap hotels'.

Simply book in for your 20 minute slot and you have access to your very own cocoon of serenity and calm, complete with cashmere, tranquil music and low lighting to tempt you into a restful, but brief, snooze. Read more HERE.

But you can settle for a simple nap in your hotel room, or, if needs must, curled up on a sofa or armchair in the boardroom... Preferably NOT in the middle of a meeting!

Anywhere you feel comfortable. So, next time you have 5 minutes downtime, steal away and get some 'shut eye'. Switch off the TV, draw the blinds, switch off your mobile and put the answer phone on.

In as little as 20 minutes you can completely revive your energy for the day...

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