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Planes, Trains and Automobiles...

Written By Anonim on Kamis, 11 Desember 2008 | 03.33

CAREFUL who you sit next to on your next flight....

Here are a few facts that I came across recently, that will put you off travelling with anyone else this winter...

When someone in a confined space, such as a plane, train, automobile or elevator sneezes, 15 people within that space will have caught that person's cold within 5 minutes! Especially if the culprit doesn't cover their nose or mouth before firing off their germs! YUCK!

What's more, 1 sneeze releases 150,000 germ droplets that travel at 90mph!

There's no escape ladies and gentlemen - The ONLY way to fight the cold this winter is to make sure you are fit and healthy, with a good diet to back you up.

Follow these top tips for a 'sneeze-free' Christmas;

1. Exercise regularly to help rid your body of toxins and to build your immune system. Be fighting fit! Find 10 minutes a day to work out in your hotel room, using an effective equipment free program.

2. Eat as healthily as you can, with plenty of vegetables and some fruit to boost your Vitamin intake and up your vitamin C in particular. Grab what you can from the hotel breakfast bar or the office fruit bowl.

3. Buy some echinacea. A natural herb supplement that does wonders for fighting off colds and a feeling of being run down. As soon as I feel a sore throat or a sniffle coming on, I dose up with this and it kills it before it's even begun. VERY effective! Don't believe me? Read THIS.

4. Drink plenty of water - flush your system of germs and bacteria, and again, boost your metabolism and your health. Make sure you have a bottle of water in your briefcase or bag.

5. Get some fresh air during the day. Don't be lazy. Get outdoors for a few minutes and fill your lungs with fresh air. If you work in an office where someone is bound to have a cold, don't let the air con recirculate those germs all day. Get outside and breathe fresher air. The same goes if you are at home, especially if someone you live with has a cold.

So, there you go. Either avoid public transport at all costs, or face the 'plague' and make sure you are well prepared, as set out above.

Good luck everyone! Here's to a cold free Christmas season!

Come January, you can be fully prepared for protecting your health while away on business, by using the Fit Business Trip System... coming soon!

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