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Are you LIVING for the Weekend?

Written By ady setiawan on Kamis, 11 Desember 2008 | 04.19

DON'T spend the weekend living in the fridge!

I see it time and time again... Clients who follow a fairly healthy eating plan during the working week, only to 'mess it up' at the weekend, by eating ALL the wrong things in the WRONG amounts!

You're not alone... Saturdays could soon be renamed 'Faturdays' as a recent survey shows that us Brits (and I'm sure the rest of the working world) seem intent on ruining our good weekday behaviour by consuming vast amounts of saturated fat over the weekend.

Fry ups, croissants, ice cream, buttered white toast, pizza, chips, chocolate and cake ALL go toward keeping that weight on and cancelling out all the good behaviour you've managed to stick to during the week.

A typical saturday breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast and beans can contain the daily recommended amount of saturated fat, and that's before those takeaways, snacks and treats you might consume while watching a DVD on a Saturday night.

And let's not forget the alcohol that might go with all that too!

Of course, the choice is yours. You can either be sensible and drop body fat, or you can kiss caution to the wind and remain disillusioned as to why you can't shift that excess weight and why your body doesn't seem to change shape.

A little compromise will go a long way, and still allow you to enjoy the finer things in life;

Trim your bacon - cut off the fat
Grill your breakfast instead of frying it
Add protein to your croissant, in the form of cheese and ham, instead of sugar-filled jam
Save those snacks and treats for one weekend occasion - a meal out or a movie night
Drink lots of water after a night out drinking - DON'T suffer because of dehydration!

BE SENSIBLE - moderation instead of overkill will get you far better results...

Focus on a healthy business lifestyle as much as you can.

After all, you work 5 days out of 7 - a lot of time to slip up!

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