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Bodyweight is King!

Written By Anonim on Kamis, 11 Desember 2008 | 04.25

You all started out using your bodyweight - DON'T stop now!

That’s right! Bodyweight exercises should be the making of most peoples exercise programs, but far too many people, particularly guys, start lifting weights long before they can actually handle their own bodyweight.

As my clients will attest, I love putting bodyweight exercises into exercise programs. I believe them to be the best way of working the whole body and burning plenty of calories!

Bodyweight circuits are great because you can literally do them anywhere and very little, if any, equipment is required. By taking 3 to 4 exercises and creating your own circuits while away on business, you can get an awful lot done, and lots of muscles worked, in a very short period of time, without stepping foot in a hotel gym. All you need is your own imagination.

Many of my clients travel for work and bodyweight exercises are what keep them in shape when they’re away from home. By using your own body for resistance you can also break up your routine into several pieces, grabbing 1-2 minutes here and there to do a variety of exercises throughout the working day.

How about a set of squats while you wait for your hotel room kettle to boil?
A set of lunges before you jump into the shower?
A set of push ups before heading out for lunch?
A few abdominal contractions, sat on the plane waiting for takeoff or landing?
Even a few glute squeezes as you wait in line at passport control?

You see, far too many people complain that they don’t have time to exercise.


Even 30 seconds, 10 times a day could mean a full body workout fitted into your busy schedule, lasting just 5 minutes in total. And that’s not even a straight 5 minutes! EVERYONE has 5 minutes!

Simply move; squat, lunge, push up, step up, climb, squeeze, lift, pull, turn, rotate, bend… all these movement patterns can be practiced throughout the day, with barely an eyebrow being raised by those around you.

Use your bodyweight before your bodyweight abuses you!

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