The Elevator Workout

Written By Anonim on Kamis, 11 Februari 2010 | 06.39

Limited for time on a business trip, wondering what you can do to stay fit with so little time to fit anything extra into your busy schedule?

Like that last sentence, you try and squeeze as much in as possible, and usually end up postponing or canceling 'extras' at the last minute.

Well, don't let exercise be one of those things that gets sidelined.

Try this on for size. Give the 'Elevator Workout' a go in your hotel room, just before your morning shower, ready to eat your breakfast feeling virtuous.

An elevator keypad shows the number of floors in a hotel, counting down from 30, 40, 50, even more if you're staying in Dubai!

As you travel down the lift shaft, the number lit starts dropping.

Use the same principle with your workout. In your hotel room pick 2 exercises, let's say push ups and squats.

Start the workout with 10 reps of each - rest briefly.
Then repeat the 2 exercises again, this time for 9 reps each.
Continue to work down through the reps, aiming to reach 3 reps of each on your final round.

Completing 2 or 1 reps of each seems pointless, and I quite often end up doing 2 rounds of 3, to save wasting time.

Depending on your fitness, you should be done in anything from 5-10 minutes.

In that time you'll have worked your upper and lower body, not to mention your abs!

Next time you find yourself pushed for time on business, save time by working the elevator.

It's short but VERY effective!

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