The Best Hotel Room Workout

Written By Anonim on Sabtu, 23 Januari 2010 | 04.29

When you find yourself away on business, with little time to workout and stay in shape, the best workout for you is one that is short, effective and keeps the excess body fat at bay!

To get the biggest bang for your back, you’ll want to choose exercises that target your upper body, lower body and abs.

In its simplest form, that means a push up variation, a lunge, squat or step up and a core exercise, hitting the abs, lower back and sides of the waist.

When I have just 5 minutes I tend to choose 2 exercises – one for the upper and one for the lower, both of which hit my midsection, and save me choosing a third exercise.

To use your hotel room as a makeshift gym, you need to look around and make a note of the following:

1. The amount of free floor space or the ability to move small items of furniture out of the way.
2. The furniture – think about what you can use as props – the bed, a chair or the side of the bathtub.

Then when you have a good idea of what you are working with, decide when the best time is to workout.
I find the ideal time is just before a shower or bath, usually before breakfast or before I get ready to go out in the evening.

Treat your time for exercise as though it were another business appointment – write it down or enter it into your organiser or blackberry and do everything you can to stick to it.

As you workout, keep a tab on how long it takes, what you do and how many reps you achieve.

Each time you workout, look to improve your technique, your intensity and the duration of each exercise.

There are literally hundreds of bodyweight exercises that you can draw from, each of which will test your body and give you a great workout on the road.

The more exercises you know, the more variety you can bring to your hotel room circuits, and the less likely you are to plateau or lose interest.

By timing your exercises too, starting with 20 seconds per exercise for your first workout, with 10 seconds rest in-between each exercise, you can gradually work harder as your fitness progresses.

Once you have mastered the 20 second phase, you can then move up to 30 seconds per exercise with 15 seconds rest in-between each exercise.

Continue to progress in this way, moving on to 40 seconds, 50 seconds and finally 60 seconds per exercise, with suitable rest in-between each one.

Hotel room workouts are more effective and result-giving than most people give credit for.

Forget the hotel gym, forget waiting until you get home, and instead make very good use of your own hotel room for burning fat, getting into shape and keeping your energy levels boosted.

To discover just some of the bodyweight exercises that you are currently unaware of, that will burn fat and get you fit in minimal time, in your hotel room, take a look at the ‘Fit Business Trip’ Fat Loss System, and start making your travel exercise routine work for you.

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