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Grounded in New York

Written By ady setiawan on Sabtu, 23 Januari 2010 | 09.32

I should have known something was up, from the moment I stepped into JFK recently.

The weather was vile, the cab ride had been painfully slow and now, inside the airport, the check-in lines seemed to snake for miles.

There was chaos everywhere!

This was one of those days when you knew that things were about to go from bad to worse...

After beating the long lines and getting through security, by which time I had almost dropped my laptop, been bashed by a fellow traveller’s oversized bag, and accused of carrying suspicious liquids (OK I forgot to remove a small bottle of water from my hand luggage), I was finally through to the duty free area.

With expected delays on most international flights this was my chance to stock up on healthy snacks to last me through the flight back to London.

I bought some biltong (dried meat), a couple of bags of cashew nuts, some fresh fruit and 2 bottles of water.

I also found some very tasty soya peas that give you a bit of a wasabi-tasting kick. Try them if you get a chance!

I always try to buy plenty of these kinds of snacks when I fly, not only to help avoid eating too much airline food (usually high in salt, sugar and processed junk), but to ensure that I stay hydrated and alert throughout the flight.

Good job too, since as soon as we were settled onboard, the Captain announced a lengthy delay, as the runway was backlogged with several delayed flights waiting to take off.

This lengthy delay turned into a 3 HOUR wait, sat on the tarmac, trapped in our seats with nothing to do except wait. At least I knew I wouldn’t go hungry or thirsty and add to the frustration of sitting around.

If there’s one thing you need to do when travelling it’s making sure you’re prepared for anything. Relying on luck and taking things as they come will do nothing for your fat loss or good health.

If you don’t have a game plan, something that will get you out of trouble when unexpected delays happen, you’ll only end up feeling worse. Buy snacks en-route, or even better, pack what you need before leaving home.

Even if you don’t use what you buy, at least you can take it home and use it up there.

Judging by the guy sat next to me, he was pretty ravenous by the time dinner arrived after take-off. He practically ate the tray as he polished off his meal in the time it took me to decide what to eat and what to leave on mine!

He obviously didn’t prepare and buy himself snacks.

Don’t worry; next time you fly you’ll know what to do.

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