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"All Energy is borrowed. Someday we must give it back"

Written By Anonim on Sabtu, 30 Januari 2010 | 04.16

Amidst all the action, 3D effects and looking like Woody Allen in my 3D glasses, the one thing that stood out for me from the film Avatar was this line:

"All energy is borrowed. Someday we must give it back"

Ignoring the stupid Gung-Ho subplot, this film made me think about life, and the world that we live in.

There are so many things wrong with our planet - the violence, illness, disease, cruelty, not to mention the natural disasters that we can't avoid...

On the planet of Pandora, where Avatar is set, life is idyllic.

Everyone co-exists without violence, greed, jealousy or selfishness.

YES, I know it's only a movie, but the quote rings so true for our society in the 21st Century:

Obesity, too many people on benefits, not enough exercise, poor diets, too much sitting around, low immune systems, mindless violence, class-divides and disease and illness that could be avoided.

We are all given ENERGY. Not all of us choose to use it wisely.

One day our energy will be GONE - FOREVER.

That time will come sooner than you think, so will you look back on your life and wish you'd done more with it, been a bit more active, travelled more, taken better of your body and your health, or spent more time interacting and talking to your friends and family, instead of sitting in front of the TV or the computer?

In the film, Jake Scully, a man who has lost his legs in the real world, gets a second chance to be active when he gains the use of his avatar's virtual body. He runs, he jumps, he is enthralled with his new found freedom and athleticism.

If you were given the chance to live your life again, would you do things differently?

The sad truth is that most people won't regret their inactivity until the ability to be active is taken away from them.

Appreciate your energy today, and take advantage of the fact that your body is so much more than a vehicle for eating, drinking and sitting down 'relaxing'...

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