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The TRUTH about your Christmas Tipple...

Written By Anonim on Selasa, 15 Desember 2009 | 04.29

It’s Christmas and ‘tis the season to be jolly!’

No doubt that will mean a few extra sherries, not to mention a few sore heads and hangovers the next morning!

Well, good news! I have a guide to the BEST and WORST drinks you can have, if you want to avoid a stinking hangover on Boxing Day, or even Christmas Day!

The downside of this is that you will have to work your BEHIND off exercising, come January!

Oh well, needs must...

So, here’s the thing...

Regardless of what your tipple might be, drinking any alcohol on an empty stomach will accelerate your drunken state, comparative to sticking a drip in your arm and getting it intravenously!

Ooh, not a good idea! ALWAYS make sure you eat before drinking!

What’s more, different types of alcohol contain a variety of ingredients that will affect how you feel the morning after – good and bad.

Let’s take a look at the prime suspects:

VODKA – Pretty clean and not so bad on the old head the next day. It contains NO carbs or sugar, and so it’s the least fattening drink on the menu. A shot of vodka still weighs in at 72 calories, and that’s before the sugar-filled lemonade or coke!

Despite its high alcohol content - around 40 per cent - vodka is the least likely alcoholic drink to leave you with a hangover!

WHISKY / SCOTCH – Drunk neat Drunk neat you must be a pretty hardened drinker girls! Not that I expect any of you delicate lot to partake in the hardened liquor. A shot of the tough stuff weighs in at 80 calories!

To soften the effects, water it down or mix with Baileys or Irish Coffee.

Remember: it’s still WAY TOO MANY CALORIES, which means MORE work to be done, come the New Year!

Drinking whisky will double the hangover suffering, compared to vodka.

WHITE WINE – Whoa! 130 calories a glass! White wine hangovers can be rough. Think about softening the blow, and the sugar rush, by having a white wine spritzer with soda water.

RED WINE – Still high calorie – 120 calories a glass, but less sugar.

Red wine hangovers are worse than white wine, due to red containing ingredients that hang around the body for longer than white, making you feel fragile for longer too.

BEER – Although it takes longer to get drunk drinking beer over other options, beer does contain 170-200 calories a pint, equivalent to 7 chocolate finger biscuits! Due to it being lower in alcohol, it does take longer to have the same effect, but you’ll be popping off to the loo every 5 minutes with all that liquid!
On the plus side, it contains more than 25% of the daily recommended dose of Vitamin B, which can help prevent heart attacks!

BRANDY – This tipple is FULL of impurities that will give you the Hangover from HELL!
At 80 calories a shot, it will give you a stinking headache, so go easy after your Christmas dinner!

CHAMPAGNE – Alright, being high-society men and women, this will no doubt be top of your Christmas list!

At 133 calories a glass, this sugar-filled, fizzy drink is full of syrup. The bubbles will speed up the rate at which you absorb the alcohol and that means you’ll be tipsy before you know it, belting out X-Factor songs, burning the turkey roast and snoring on the sofa, come mid-afternoon!

Whatever you drink this Christmas people, have FUN but go EASY...

We all know how bad hangovers can be, so don’t let them dampen your festive spirits!


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