Why no Wi-Fi?

Written By Anonim on Kamis, 29 Oktober 2009 | 11.59

Is it too much to ask? Maybe it is...

On my recent business trip to Florida, I made two stopovers - one in South Beach Miami and the other in Orlando.

At my first hotel, a little trendy for my liking (you know, the kind of hotel where it's 'cool' for the staff to be evasive and unhelpful), wi-fi was on tap and I couldn't get enough of it. 24 hour access, in my room, at no extra cost. I was a happy man, surfing til my heart was content!

At my next stop, Orlando, the home of Mickey and all things seemingly more friendly, I expected more of the same, but my hotel chose to charge me for the priviledge - by the hour!

I thought hourly charging for the internet died earlier this century??

It amazes me how come I can pop into Starbucks and get free wi-fi when I spend a few pounds or dollars on a coffee, and yet when I am spending hundreds at a well known hotel chain, I get stung for going online.

Yet another mystery in the life of a business traveller...

Next time I head off on my travels, I'll be sure to bookmark this SITE.

It's called Ji-Wire Global Wi-Fi Finder and it might just save you or your business a few expensive internet calls.

Give it a go and find out where your next 'hot-spot' could be...

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