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Written By ady setiawan on Selasa, 20 Oktober 2009 | 15.11

Let's face it: When you get home from a business trip, no one except your work colleagues want to hear about sign-offs, quotas, deal-breaking, profit sharing or new working relationships that were formed while you were away.

I hate to break it to you... While you may be excited or motivated by the dollar deals you made, your family and friends are more interested in the other, more exciting parts of your trip; the sights, the location, the flash cars, the funny avenue and road names, the street entertainment and the view from your hotel room (if you're lucky enough to get a decent room!).

If you have kids, they only want to know that you might have passed a toy shop, saw a statue of Buzz Lightyear or watched the latest blockbuster movie on the plane. Kids are fickle like that... :-)

So, bring some excitement and laughter back home with you.

Pack your camera or videocam on your next trip and have it to hand, to capture those funny or interesting moments. Yes, you are on business, but that doesn't stop you opening your eyes, looking at what is around you and noticing the lighter side of life.

On my last trip, I was walking down Ocean Drive in Miami, when I saw this beautiful Lamborghini parked up outside a restaurant. Knowing my friends would love to see it, I took a photo and emailed it across the globe to their inboxes. It took seconds to capture, and it made them smile - a welcome change to the spreadsheets, figures and daily work tasks that they were already dealing with.

So, pack a camera and be aware of what's going on outside your working bubble - instead of burying your head in your blackberry or iphone!

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