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Stay 'wrinkle-free' on business trips...

Written By Anonim on Senin, 07 September 2009 | 05.07

As a frequent flyer or hotel dweller, doesn't it drive you mad when you open up your case or bag after a long-haul flight, to find all of your carefully ironed and pressed clothes creased?

Well, forgo that stressor and listen up for 'wrinkle-free' clothing next time you unpack your bags.

First of all, make sure you're not 'over-packing' things. It sounds like an obvious solution, but you'd be surprised just how many business travellers try and pack every last item of home comfort into their luggage, cramming and stuffing socks, underwear and toiletries into every available crack between the main items.

Be realistic - ask yourself if you really need everything you have packed.

Will 1 tie suffice instead of 3?
Can you get away with one less pair of shoes?
Do you really need that jumbo pack of tissues when the hotel will have some?

If you really do need everything in your bag, consider using a larger one...

Then, when you're packing, put the non-business items at the bottom, like workout clothes, t-shirts, underwear and socks or tights. Items at the bottom of the bag or case are most likely to get creased, so make it these under garments or non-important items instead of your business suits and dresses.

The more delicate items, like your suits, dresses, skirts, shirts and ties should all go in the middle of the packing pile, cushioned between your undergarments and any coats or jackets you might need.

Ties can be folded in half and placed between t-shirts for extra wrinkle protection.

Suits and clothing in hanging bags should be carefully folded and placed in the case.

Place shoes round the edges of your case or bag, to protect your clothes, but also to reduce the chances of the sides of the soles digging into clothing and adding further creases and wrinkles.

Finally, to ensure that clothes stay wrinkle-free for as long as possible, unpack your bag at the earliest opportunity and don't just rummage around for what you need, day to day.

Hang everything up, and clothes should be crease-free by morning.

If you do find clothes creased or crushed, you have 3 options:

1. Either call reception and have them send up an iron and ironing board
2. Call Laundry and pay for the items to be pressed or ironed by hotel staff
3. Hang the creased items in the bathroom and let the hot shower run. The steam will help iron out creases with little effort!

One more thing... using a fabric softener in the wash, when preparing for your trip will help keep clothes more crease-free.

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