Plan ahead for your Business Flight

Written By Anonim on Sabtu, 05 September 2009 | 14.31

We already know that Business Travel can be hard work, but how can you make those outward journeys more pleasurable and easy-going?

Plan ahead and you'll be fine.

Do everything you can to make things run smoothly and reduce the stress that might arise from unexpected situations, that are designed to ruin your day!

In your hand luggage pack your laptop, your travel documents, a book, an ipod and a change of clothes.

That way you have something to cover all situations:

Your travel documents safe and to hand
A book and ipod to pass the time if you find your flight delayed
Your laptop, to check last minute emails and to finish outstanding projects
A change of clothes, just in case your luggage goes missing

Have some cash to hand, for tips or small purchases en-route, and if necessary, check with your bank before travelling, to ensure that your bank card will not be swallowed by an ATM or declined by a restaurant or hotel abroad, as a result of a bank presuming the card stolen.

Save yourself time, embarassment and frustration as well, by checking the list of prohibited items on your selected airline. You can usually find this list on the airline websites. That way you don't end up losing nail scissors, expensive toiletries and other useful personal items.

If in doubt, pack them in your main luggage in the hold.

Lastly, make sure you have a good supply of snacks and water packed in your hand luggage.

The last thing you want is a flight delay when you've already boarded the plane. With snacks to hands you can still stay refreshed while you wait.

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