Hotel Gym vs Hotel Room

Written By Anonim on Kamis, 03 September 2009 | 09.50

How often have you walked into a hotel gym and been surprised by how well equipped, inviting and spacious the facility was?

Very rarely I should imagine!

When you consider that only .000001 percent of guests actually venture into their hotel's gym, it's hardly surprising then that most hotels give very little thought to this afterthought addition to their list of facilities.

Many hotel 'gyms' I encounter are like the spare room at home - small and serving as a dumping ground for random pieces of old exercise equipment that rarely get used:

An Ab roller gizmo
An old, ricketty exercise bike, that was hip in the 80's
An exercise mat, frayed and faded around the edges
A wallchart of old school stretches and exercises
A skipping rope
A few light dumbbells from a mail-order catalogue
A bench
An overused, high mileage treadmill

It's a sad state of affairs, when you consider that most hotel guests are in dire need of improved health and fitness!

Despite many visitors wanting gym facilities, very few actually use them, and who can blame them when the gym is hidden away, down some dark corridor, with no natural light and no atmosphere.

Your hotel room is literally crying out to be used as your own personal gym:

It has air con...
It has natural light through the windows...
You have control of the music or TV channel...
You can start on the spur of the moment...
You can get a GREAT workout in just 10 minutes...
No equipment to figure out or waiting for the treadmill to be free...
No dealing with other people or their often smelly odours...
You can hop straight into the shower afterwards...

What more could you want in the way of facilities?

Provided you have an effective arsenal of exercises to hand, as the Fit Business Trip Programme offers, you can fit an effective and exhilirating fat loss workout into your working day, without ANYONE even knowing or seeing!

To keep things simple, pick 2 upper body exercises, like push ups and flutters, 2 lower body exercises, like squats and lunges, and a core exercise to hit the stomach muscles, like a Wallclimber or Spider Climbs.

Work through all 5 exercises, back-to-back, and then rest for 1 minute, before repeating once or twice.

Within 10 minutes you have completed a total-body workout, while other fitness-minded guests are still waiting for the treadmill to become free.

Makes much more sense working out in your room, don't you think?

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