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15 MORE ways to relax on a Business Trip

Written By Anonim on Selasa, 25 Agustus 2009 | 11.13

01. Meditate - no need to be spiritual - just shut your eyes, sit in silence and think about your weekend ahead
02. Focus on your breathing - switch off all other distractions
03. Schedule in a movie - either in your room or at the cinema. Why not invite a work colleague to the cinema instead of having another business dinner?
04. Laugh - whatever it takes; funny book, call home, funny film, comedy club, comedy dvd...
05. Ask the concierge - where to go and what to see, away from work
06. Walk the streets and take some photographs - take your mind off work
07. Learn a new language - use your spare time to your advantage
08. Do some online shopping - order surprise presents for loved ones while you're away
09. Grab a pen and some paper and note down a few fun ideas for your weekend return home
10. Write a blog - jot down a few random thoughts or share your travel experiences. It can be quite therapeutic and can help you remember what you've done!
11. Take up a new hobby that you can practice on the road - draw, write poetry, yoga
12. Get some fresh air - even 5 minutes stood outside the office soaking up the sun will make you feel better
13. Power down your laptop - keep away from the emails...
14. Make yourself a cup of green or herbal tea
15. Pick up some brochures before your trip and secretly plan your next family holiday

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