"Snacks on a Plane"

Written By Anonim on Jumat, 21 Agustus 2009 | 00.42

No, not the Samuel L. Jackson film, but SNACKS!

Many airlines are reducing the quality, size and regularity of their in-flight menus, so be sure to pack your own supply of food for those long-haul, trans-atlantic flights.

Starting a business trip by consuming everything that the cabin crew serve you is a recipe for disaster, not only for your waistline, but also for your digestive comfort. It can get awfully gassy at 30,000 feet!

So, instead, come prepared for your flight.

At home, pack a snack box - a plastic sealable tub with everything you need for the flight. Put it in your hand luggage and you have healthy food on demand.

Pack the following:

Some grapes
A small bag of plain nuts (cashews are great!)
A little cheese - but no smelly varieties please!
Some protein bars - Clif or Trek bars are perfect
Beef Jerky - dried meat
An apple or any piece of fruit that isn't messy
Dried fruit
Cold meats

Don't think you can just buy what you need at the airport.

Chances are you'll be in a hurry, have no time to look at your choices, and end up grabbing a bag of sweets, some packet snadwiches and a coffee.

Be prepared, and then you're safe in the knowledge that you can eat when you like, and then get some sleep without the in-flight food trolley disturbing you.

With the current security measures in place at all airports, you can't prepack any liquids, so always buy water once you are through security, and then onboard, ask for water from the drinks trolley.

That way you stay well hydrated, you eat sensibly, and you eat when you like, not when the cabin crew tell you to.

Enjoy your flight and happy snacking!

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