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Beat Transatlantic Luggage Allowance!

Written By Anonim on Jumat, 21 Agustus 2009 | 03.26

As if living out of a suitcase wasn't hard enough, some of the leading airlines are now reducing their luggage allowance on transatlantic flights, so it pays to pack smartly, not go too heavy and only pack the essentials you need.

Here's how to pack everything you need and still be within your luggage allowance limit...

If you're travelling for anything more than a couple of days, only pack enough clothes for half of your trip. Once you have worn some of your business clothes, have the hotel launder them. That way you have fresh clothes to wear for the second half of your trip, and yet only half the luggage.

Go lightweight on the cosmetics, creams and toiletries. I used to just pack my home toiletries into a bag without thinking, until I realised that I really didn't need that full tube of shaving gel, a whole bottle of shampoo and dozens of other items.

Most cosmetic brands now sell tester bottles or travel size products. Why carry more than you actually need and risk losing what you've brought from your home supplies?

Don't bother packing your gym kit. For something that you use so little, workout clothes and sneakers take up a fair amount of space. Ditch these items and instead pack 1 pair of shorts and an old T-shirt. Exercise in your hotel room, get a quicker workout before you hop into the shower, and then you don't have to care whether you look presentable or not to the gym-going crowd at your hotel health club!

Preplan and prepack. I'm as guilty as the next person for packing items that I will never use. Look at your schedule for the trip and work out the following:

How many business dinners do you have booked?
How many days will you be meeting clients?
Will you want to go out and about in casual clothes?
Will you be seeing the same clients on a daily basis?

Men, if you'll be seeing the same people on a daily basis, you'll need to pack a change of ties, shoes and shirts, so that you don't look like you live in one outfit.

Ladies, in the same situation, you'll need different accessories to change your daily look. Just remember though - you're not packing for a 2 week holiday!

Write a list of what you need to take with you, and note on your return home what you didn't use.

Then save that list to your computer, blackberry or mobile phone.

Next trip you take, you simply refer to that definitive list and you will be sure to be within your luggage allowance.

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