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Written By Anonim on Kamis, 20 Agustus 2009 | 13.07

In the Fit Business Trip Programme, I tell you all to avoid airline food and instead board your flight prepared with the RIGHT snacks and foods to keep you satisfied during your journey.

But let's face it - sometimes time constraints or an oversight can lead you to forget what you need. Make the best of your situation and reduce the chances of either eating too much or eating the wrong foods that will do NOTHING for your fat loss efforts.

The first thing to do is to make friends with your serving steward or stewardess.

Next, ask them if they have any spare meals onboard, and if so whether you can have 2 starters instead of a main course. Starters on flights are nearly always fresher, with cold meats, salad or fruit, instead of the stodgy processed excuse for a main course.

Skip the dressing sachet with the salad and instead ask for a wedge of lemon to squeeze on your food. The air staff will have lemons and limes for the drinks trolley, so don't feel embarrassed about asking.

And a final, invaluable tip for all Business Class travellers is to help yourself to any complimentary snacks available to Business Class passengers.

British Airways Clubworld offer complimentary fruit and small snack-size bags of nuts onboard, for all top-end passengers to help themselves to.

Grab what you need and save them for snacks once you reach your destination.

Just don't tell too many people - otherwise the airlines might cotton on and withdraw this useful service!

A few little requests can go a long way to a more comfortable and healthy flight.

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