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How to Get a good night's sleep in a hotel - Part 1

Written By Anonim on Rabu, 19 Agustus 2009 | 05.26

Hotels can be, quite possibly, the worst places to guarantee a good night's sleep, with the coming and going of residents at all hours, the road noise, the alien bed and pillows and the whirring of the air con unit that seems to have a mind of its own!

BUT, that doesn't mean you have to settle for a night of broken sleep. Treat your room like it was home and you could be sleeping like a baby, by following my top tips for a great night's sleep.

1. Block out the noise

Air con unit, corridor traffic, road traffic... Wear earplugs and all of your noise problems are solved. Wear an eye mask too in case your curtains are paper thin and the light is streaming in under your hotel room door.

2. Avoid the Hotel Movie selection

It's so easy to get engrossed in the latest blockbuster on the TV and stay up beyond your bedtime, so instead of flicking through the TV channels, flick through a book instead or do some hotel room exercises and start to feel sleepy.

3. Do as the locals do...

If you've travelled far to your destination, adopt local habits and get to bed when it's local time to do so. Avoid sleeping according to your own time zone, or else you will lie awake half the night while everyone else is sleeping soundly. Feel tired when it is dark.

4. Switch off all electrical equipment

Before you jump into bed, make sure that your cell phone, your laptop, your Blackberry and any other communication device is switched OFF. If you leave them on, chances are you will be woken by text alerts, whirring hard drive fans and appointment alarms.

5. Check who is staying on your floor

If you know that you find it hard to sleep well away from home, do yourself a small favour and ask reception if there are any large groups sharing your floor. The last thing you want, at 3 in the morning is the visiting soccer or hockey team coming back to their rooms, and having a party. Likewise, a young family with a baby up half the night crying is also no remedy for a good night's sleep either.

Follow these simple tips and I guarantee you will sleep like a baby on your next hotel visit.

For part 2 of this article, CLICK HERE.

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